Growing Pains Exit Strategy 

Getting started in a new business is a major accomplishment. As several of our attorneys are entrepreneurs in their own right, we at Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. understand this and take pride in getting you started in a business and guiding you through the minefield of the legal and regulatory issues you may face, many of which you may not even know about.

Additionally, we understand that many new businesses do not necessarily have the same resources as established businesses, and as such our Business Law Practice Group maintains a flexible approach in order to establish a long term client relationship. Our underlying approach to that relationship has and always will be that we are a partner in your business and in it for the long haul. We look beyond the short term.

Entity Formation

Our team of attorneys and business professional will advise on the best form of entity for your business (LLC, corporation, partnership, etc.) based on a number of factors including the type or nature of your business and the products or services to be sold or provided, the number and types (individuals, other businesses, etc.) of member, and your vision of the future for your business, as well as the timing of that vision. We will also prepare the necessary articles and necessary organizing documents to secure your rights and minimize your liability now and into the future as your company grows.

Capital/Investor Financing and Structure

Our team will advise on the best ways to obtain capital to finance your new business, whether it be from sophisticated investors, mezzanine financing or angel seed capital, as well as prepare the documents needed to secure the capital, including your executive summary, business plan and investor presentation.

Intellectual Property

Our team has deep and broad intellectual property experience and takes a very proactive approach to immediately, and in many cases concurrent with and/or prior to entity formation (i) identify your intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, patents, trade secrets, etc.) (ii) ensure you will not violate or infringe of anyone else’s rights (extensive searches of numerous databases), (iii) protect your intellectual property (federal and state registrations, database watches, confidentiality agreements, cease and desist letters, etc.) and (iv) expand your rights through the licensing of your intellectual property.

Regulatory Compliance

Our team recognizes that identifying local, state and federal (whether US or foreign) regulatory and/or licensing requirements early in the business formation process (again in many cases concurrent with and/or prior to entity formation) is essential. We will advise on such requirements and prepare and file all necessary documents (applications) and secure all necessary registrations to ensure your compliance.

General and Complex Commercial Contracts and Licensing

Our team has extensive experience in the drafting and negotiation of numerous and varied US and foreign contracts and agreements including those with clients, vendors and independent contractors, as well as those related to sales, marketing, real estate, leases, licensing and joint ventures. Our experience in this area covers a broad array of industries and service areas.

Business Entities