Getting Started Exit Strategy

As your business becomes established so will your options for growth and expansion, which will bring with it new legal and regulatory requirements, as well as changes to your organization and operations. Our team of attorneys and business professionals can advise on how best to deal with your business growing pains, including identifying and validating new marketing and sales channels and new geographic locations, as well as new product/service offerings, especially those which would be a natural and cost effective extension of existing offerings. We can also advise on the most cost effective means to achieve your desired growth and expansion, including funding options, and options for mergers and acquisitions, as well as how best to position your organization to achieve the greatest efficiencies from these growth opportunities.

Employment Issues

As your business grows you may find it more cost effective to hire employees, as opposed to simply engaging independent contractors, or to expand your existing employee base to keep up with your growth. In either situation our team will advise any number of issues that may arise, including those related to whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt, overtime, ADA, discrimination, workman’s compensation and termination. Again, our team takes proactive approach to ensure your compliance with all applicable requirements in this area.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Growth of your business many times brings about an expansion of your organization, which in turn creates hierarchies, bureaucracies and a diffusion of decision making responsibility. As such it is essential to ensure a proper reporting structure, as well as institute appropriate corporate governance policies, and risk management procedures to ensure against financial, operational, reputational and legal risks. Our team includes attorneys and professionals which, as in-house counsel, were primarily and directly responsible for the establishment and implementation of such structures, policies and procedures.

Business Succession Planning

As a business matures, and regardless of its size, it, as well as its employees, clients and vendors, will need to know what would happen to the business in the event of a change in ownership or management, especially it was sudden and unexpected, as well as the process for a smooth and seamless transition. Our team will advise on the best succession process, taking into consideration key factors such as the tenure, skill set and experience of possible successors, with the goal of pursuing the best option(s) for ensuring the continuity and longevity of the business.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In addition to organic growth, a business can grow through the merger with or acquisition of another business, business unit or product/service line. Our team will provide the research necessary to review the most viable options, conduct the due diligence needed to validate the accuracy of all significant facts and factors (financial, legal, operational, etc.) related to the target, negotiate all salient terms and conditions, and prepare the required documents to memorialize the agreed to deal.

Business Law Services for a growing company