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Monthly Archives: August 2022


What Is A Temporary Guardianship?

By Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. |

The process to get a guardianship can be a long one. But sometimes, that’s OK. Because many times, we just see the need for a guardianship emerging, but there is no imminent emergency. However, sometimes something happens, or a loved one takes a turn for the worst, and suddenly, there is an immediate need… Read More »

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What Factors Go Into How Happy A New Homebuyer Is?

By Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. |

When you purchase a home, are you happy about your purchase? Most people are, but how happy are they? Studies are often conducted about who the happiest homebuyers are, and what factors contribute to satisfied buyers. As you would expect, there are a lot of factors that go into determining who is happiest with… Read More »

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Understanding The Kinds Of Probate Cases In Florida

By Gilbert Garcia Group, P.A. |

Many people talk about probate, or probating a will or an estate, but they are not aware that there are actually different kinds of probate. Which is best for you depends on your situation—and you may not have a choice which kind of probate you need—but it may be helpful to understand the differences… Read More »

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